Collateral Loans:

Cash Loans on Your Item

We make cash loans on gold and diamond jewlery, watches, musical instruments , power tools (No gas),computers, cameras, and other items of value. Loans are 4 months with a 1 month grace period we charge a low NYS interest rate of 4% per month. You can renew your loan every 4 months or redeem your property any time during the loan.

We Buy

We buy gold and diamonds in any condition by the weight. We also buy other items of value such as watches, musical instruments, power tools (No gas), computers, cameras, some electronics and a lot more. Call us or come in so we can evaluate your mechandise.

We Sell

We sell high quality previously owned Jewlery, watches, musical instruments, power tools, computers, cameras, and a lot more. We also sell new musical equipment from LP, Casio, Hohner, and other quality brands.